Bla bla bla


Original Diezel painting in acrylic on canvas, depicting a chimpanzee with wings and the words ‘bla bla bla’ in the background.


Bla bla bla’ 2024,
121.5 x 86cm

This whimsical pop art painting with a vivid blue background draws attention to the fantastical winged chimpanzee, symbolizing freedom, imagination, and the limitless possibilities of life.

The repeated phrase ‘blablabla’ adds a layer of intrigue and commentary. It could represent the noise and chatter of everyday life, the distractions that keep us from our true potential, or the meaningless conversations that often overshadow important truths. Alternatively, it might suggest a critique of superficiality in modern communication, urging viewers to look beyond the trivial and seek deeper, more meaningful connections and insights.

Through this playful yet thought-provoking composition, the painting invites viewers to reflect on the clutter of modern existence and the importance of finding clarity and purpose amidst the chaos.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 121 × 4 × 86 cm




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