Stoffel Mogano

Stoffel Malese Mogano (also known as Stoff Mog), is a visual artist currently based in Johannesburg. He was born in 1992, and brought up in Ga-Mphahlele Village in South Africa’s Limpop district. After matriculation, Stoffel went on to further his studies at the University of Johannesburg and the Tshwane University of Technology, graduating in 2016 under Fine Arts department.

Visual art has always been a part of Stoffel’s life from an early age of 7 years, and has since been evolving and developing his artistic skill throughout the years leading up to the current time.

The concept in Stoffel’s work is predicated upon the idea of ‘The Journey’  – the act of moving from one place to another in an effort to ascertain and achieve goals and aspirations.

The world he exists in is currently Johannesburg city and surrounds, in South Africa and this environment provides the inspiration for Stoffel’s  work. “We rise in the early hours of the morning, traveling from this one place to another one, with our feet on the ground, encountering challenging moments, streets to cross and directions to take.  Our feet take us there, and in my work, feet is a metaphor for ‘The Journey’ of Life – moving towards our goals and the struggles on the way.  The walk, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually, represent the Journey — the sense of hope and possibility of arriving at the ultimate point (the significant goal or point of success)

In the end our journey test our commitment, our will, our strength and determination to carry on – testing our desire to reach our goals or to