John Nkosi

Just when you think you have knowledge about a particular thing, you realise how much more there is to learn. As a creative, a learner and a human, I not only learn about painting and drawing, I learn more about myself with every work I produce. I conclude that I may never know myself, which is what makes this practice interesting.

I paint intuitively. At times I become very uncertain while painting, never sure about the outcome, until the moment of clarity. I never rush to paint or plan to paint, it is simply an act that presents itself at any given time.

As of recent, the themes of my works were influenced by human condition, freedom and identity, with a special focus on movement and post modern dance. The subjects are drawn, sometimes painted and includes large scale figures in
motion or still form. The subjects are sometimes in an internal battle to set themselves free from social influence and conditioning to reclaim their truth and identity. These figures are not rebels and although they present as fearless, they are actually vulnerable and peaceful ‘warriors’ fighting for their true identity.

I use charcoal, pastels and paint as mediums, to capture the essence of the human soul. I want to show hope and optimism in the battle to find the true self, beauty and identity. I hope the viewer will see their own human struggle and recognise their own human qualities in my work. Through awareness of self and empathy for the human race we all become aware that we have similarities and differences and that learning never comes to an end.