Diezel Arts

International Superstroke Pop Artist Diezel, is an illustrator and painter who was born on a farm in South Africa and now lives and works between studios in Sydney Australia and Johannesburg South Africa. Diezel’s work immerses us in a world of strong images and line work where multiple layers are often over-painted, splashed or peeled back to expose or hide other layers.  Taking a record of strong influence of popart, the Superstroke Art Movement and childhood cartoon characters, Diezel comments on ‘LIFE’ through strong line work, illustration and writing. Her LIFE Collection is the most figurative series, where works in acrylic, spray paint and pastel, comes to life with dripping paint, characters, and writing, that reflect with humor and irony, different moods, situations and circumstances of existence. ‘Sometimes I am interested in the bright, the cheerful, humour and lightness of being, counteracted by creative phases where I focus more on the complexities and darker side of life.  To be happy, hurt, lost or bereft are emotions innately visceral and part of a fully lived life. We all experience all of those emotions at some point. With my drip paintings, every drip and colour is symbolic of an emotion or experience, stating how we are are shaped by it, how we ‘become’ our experiences’. Diezel has showed through many solo and group exhibitions and her works are in collections in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sydney and New York amongst others.  She has a great affinity for Africa and wildlife and one of her goals is to empower other artists from the continent through her own platforms. She has also been heavily involved in education in South Africa and established 2 Pre-Schools, 2 Primary Schools and a High School in Johannesburg, with the hope to make a difference in students life through education and opportunity.  She visit South Africa, the Schools and her working studio in Johannesburg a few times each year.